Life365 Health Solutions for Home Health Agencies

Enhance care with Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth.

Differentiate Your Home Health Agency

With the assistance of connected health technology, you provide a higher level of care that your customers will recognize. The Life365 Platform enables you to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to continuous innovation, and dedication to reaching the highest levels of patient satisfaction and care.


More Informed Care

Our remote patient monitoring solutions gather biometric data, and other information through surveys, from patients located in their homes. Armed with data insights on patient health status, you can provide more effective care, and faster interventions that help avoid costly care episodes and hospital visits.

Seamless Transitions Home

The Life365 platform is designed to keep you and your patients connected. Empower your patients with engagement tools that build the confidence necessary to enable successful self-care management. Improve care transitions with extra support.

All-inclusive remote patient monitoring

Monitor patients with our all-inclusive remote patient monitoring health kits. Health Kits include a smart device with cellular connectivity, smart device is preloaded with patient engagement applications, and connects with medical devices. 

Applications available:

  • Two Way Video
  • Camera 
  • Custom or Clinically Validated Surveys
  • Medication and Appointment Reminders
  • Passive biometric data capture
  • Patient Portal to view health readings for self management
kits images

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