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One Solution doesn't fit all.

So we offer a range of remote care solutions and services – on one platform.

Turnkey Solutions for RPM and Telehealth

Let us help you distribute solutions to enable your remote care initiatives and monitor patients at home – efficiently and safely.

With growing demand on care providers and new reimbursement opportunities available – it’s essential to bring Remote Patient Monitoring into practice. Life365’s RPM solutions can enable you to monitor patients remotely, enhance patient care, and generate new revenue streams.
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Life365 Remote Care Solutions

Life365 Kits 
Life365 preconfigured remote health monitoring kits include Bluetooth medical devices, with optional smart devices with cellular connectivity, to address specific chronic conditions, like diabetes, respiratory issues, and cardiac issues.
Life365 Apps 
The Life365 App allows patients to download our mobile app to their personal Apple or Android smart devices. Patients can pair devices to their smart device to automatically capture readings, or they manually enter readings with non-connected devices.
Remote Monitoring Portal for Clinicians
Life365’s web-based care and monitoring portal provide the ability to review health data, survey responses, set threshold parameters for measurements, generate reports, and perform HIPAA compliant virtual visits with patients.
Smart, Connected Devices
Life365 smart devices are kiosked to create a “purposed device”, and include cellular connectivity. The patient only has access to allowed apps and patient engagement apps designed by Life365. A kiosked environment ensures ease of use, strong security, and remote technical support capabilities. Connectivity is included for a low monthly fee – with no long term contracts.

Life365 Remote Care Solutions

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Systems Integration

Life365’s APIs enable integration with various software systems to optimize clinician workflow.
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Care Monitoring & Support

Life365 offers clinical monitoring services through partnerships with leading Remote Care Service providers.

Distribution & Delivery

Life365 can configure and deliver kits directly to patient homes - ready to go or provide delivery to the point of care.
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Product Financing

Don’t let financing slow down your initiatives. Our partners have over 65 years of experience helping businesses get smart, fast financing solutions.

Ready for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Whether you need to manage patient populations, or reach success with new payment models –
our connected technology can help you meet your goals.
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