Life365 Health Solutions for Employers

Keep your current workforce and retirees engaged in their health – across the spectrum of care.

Find out how Life365 Health can help your employees achieve their best health.

Life365 Health can help provide care management, lifestyle, and chronic condition coaching services, as well as occupational health programs. With Life365's technology and our occupational health services, we help keep your employees well and at work. Participants will experience personalized coaching and high levels of clinical care expertise for maximum engagement.

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How Life365 Health Can Help Employers

Support for programs in industrial, corporate, urban, rural, or remote settings with occupational healthcare solutions.

Services available:

  • Telephonic Health Coaching
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Connected devices for remote biometric monitoring
  • Inbound triage and care navigation
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Telemedicine with physician escalation
  • 24/7 Nurse Call Center
  • Improve regulatory compliance (OSHA/NFPA)