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Bundled Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Ready to Go, Out of the Box. 

We don't support 4-5 devices like some of our competitors.  We support more than 400+ Bluetooth medical devices to provide options. Click for Supported Devices

Life365 Kits provide bundled solutions to your patient populations, the tools they need to connect quickly and easily. Whether for your patients to manage chronic conditions like, diabetes and hypertension, or cardiac and respiratory issues, we provide turnkey solutions to address a range of program needs.

Kits can include connected, pre-paired devices, and pre-configured smart devices with data plans – as well as non-connected device options.  

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Kits For Remote Patient Monitoring Management

Life365 Kits contain everything needed for managing patient health at home – all in one convenient package.

Each kit is personalized with a pre-configured smart device or cellular hub and a variety of connected medical devices. Kits are ready to use right out of the box – and can be shipped directly to the patient’s doorstep. Life365 Kits help provide greater communication across the patient’s care team and family, more efficiently — to help reduce exacerbations.

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Cardiac Care Kit

Remote Monitoring has proven beneficial in helping patients to maintain heart health. The data provided by these devices give primary care doctors and cardiologists more insight into their patient’s health over time, between in-office visits — to stay on top of cardiac conditions and adjust treatment if needed.

The Life365 Cardiac Kit includes: • Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter • Blood Pressure Monitor • Weight Scale, • Mobile Single-Lead EKG (KardiaMobile) • Cellular Hub • Click for Supported Devices

Icon_KIT - Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care Kit

Respiratory disorders, such as COPD, are among the most prevalent, under-diagnosed, debilitating, and costly chronic conditions to manage.

The Life365 Respiratory Kit includes: • Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter • Bluetooth Spirometer • Cellular Hub. Optional add-ons are available for co-morbidities.• Click for Supported Devices

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Diabetes Care Kit

Diabetic patients can self-test their blood glucose daily at home, automatically / accurately record their readings and share them with caregivers. Because diabetes goes hand in hand with other chronic conditions, a connected scale and blood pressure monitor is recommended.

The Life365 Diabetes Kit comes with: • Bluetooth Glucose Monitor • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor • Bluetooth Weight Scale • Cellular hub • Click for Supported Devices

Icon_KIT - Kidney Care

Kidney Care Kit

Remote monitoring solutions for kidney care is beneficial at multiple treatment levels. Data collected by patients at home allows care providers more insight into the patient health between appointments to delay kidney failure. Patients who have already progressed to kidney failure benefit from more efficient treatment coordination and more timely therapy adjustment.

The Life365 Kidney Care Kit comes with: • Bluetooth Glucose Monitor • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor • Bluetooth Weight Scale • Digital Thermometer • Cellular Hub • Click for Supported Devices

Icon_KIT - Covid19 Care

COVID-19 Care Kit

Remote monitoring solutions have become important tools to help keep patients and front line health workers safe during these challenging times. Life365 solutions include apps for assessment, devices for preventative detection, with ongoing monitoring for recovery at home.

The Life365 Respiratory Kit comes with: • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter • Digital Thermometer  • Life365 Apps / Online Assessment tools. Optional add-ons available.• Click for Supported Devices

Icon_KIT - Chronic Care

Complete Chronic Care Kit

Because so many chronic conditions impact multiple parts of the body, co-morbidities are common for many patients. This complete Chronic Care Kit contains a range of devices to help patients proactively maintain their health conditions and addressing the most common factors that impact health.

The Life365 Complete Chronic Care Kit comes with: • Bluetooth Weight Scale • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter • Blood Pressure Monitor • Glucose Meter • Cellular Hub • Click for Supported Devices

Life365 Can Support Your RPM Goals

Chronic Care Management

• Hypertension Management
• Weight Management
• Diabetes Care
• Cardiac Care / CHF / AFIB
• Respiratory Care – Asthma & COPD
• Chronic Kidney Disease Care (CKD)

Clinical & Logistic Support

• Remote & In-Person Clinical Services
• Reimbursable Telehealth Sessions
• Nurse Call Center / Monitoring / Support
• Coaching & Education
• Shipping & Deployment Logistics
• Scheduled & Emergency Transportation

Additional Services

• COVID-19
• Transitional & Home Healthcare
• Senior Health & Safety
• Employee Health & Wellness Programs
• Behavioral Health
• Medication Adherence

Additional Services

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Tailored Solutions

Select from a range of health devices to customize a kit
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Logistics & Shipping

Forget Logistics hassles – we’ll manage delivery
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Clinical Monitoring

Add optional monitoring and clinical services from our integrated partners
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Custom Integrations

Receive / View data to best fit your work flow

Ready for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Whether you need to manage patient populations, or reach success with new payment models – our connected technology can help you meet your goals.
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