Why Mobile Matters Massively in Health Care

A large amount of future health care will be done from the home. Alere Connect takes advantage with a wide range of home-monitoring devices.

Rex Moore And Max Macaluso(TMFOrangeblood)Dec 21, 2013 at 1:35PM

Last year, Alere (NYSE:ALR) strengthened its standing in the mobile health market by acquiring MedApps. The agreement calls for earn-out payments that could reach a maximum of $22 million.

MedApps is now Alere Connect, led by founder and CEO Kent Dicks. Motley Fool analysts Max Macaluso and Rex Moore were able to speak with Dicks at the recent mHealth Summit near Washington, D.C. In this segment of a four-part interview, Kent explains Alere Connect and the huge growth potential in mobile health.

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