Remote Patient Monitoring Disruptor Forms New Venture: Life365™

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 4, 2015 – Life365™ is proud to announce its official launch with formation of a new venture that plans to target unaddressed markets in the Smart Wearables space.

Founder Kent Dicks, had previous success disrupting and bringing lower cost, mobile health technology products to the telehealth market – and plans to go to the next level, beyond hardware, with Rain™, a new dynamic Intelligent Wearables Platform that allows simpler, light weight technology solutions to be deployed to  a broader audience Kent Dicks, CEO / Founder of Life365™, says, “We’ve analyzed the market and found gaps that are completely ignoring a large population of individuals that could benefit from Smart Wearable technology, and that isn’t being addressed by activity trackers or the more complex and expensive Smart Watches. We think there is huge potential here, to fill gaps at both ends of the spectrum, by targeting a much larger range of users – particularly focusing on the growing aging population, and addressing the needs of the most costly patients in the healthcare system.”

Market analysis backs up this thesis

Activity Trackers need to add functionality to remain relevant, while Smart Watches and other Wearables need to be less expensive, easier to use and solve meaningful problems to move beyond the perception of being an expensive gadget. However, as the solutions offered by the market leaders continue to evolve, the Senior and Chronic Care markets are being wholly ignored – Life365 and Rain plans to target these technologically underserved populations.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Dicks explains, ”Our experience utilizing mobile health in the chronic care arena will be invaluable indeveloping new light weight wearable solutions that are truly ‘Smart’ and connected to the cloud in order to engage the “aging in place” market, seniors, overall and the 20% of patients that consume 80% of all healthcare costs. The impact in potential cost reduction alone makes the new Rain Platform extremely attractive to payers, providers, self-insured employers and others who are financially responsible for the care of individuals – but an enhanced quality of life and peace of mind for consumers and their families also makes Rain a game changer.”

Specifically, Rain™ is an Intelligent Wearable and Personal Engagement Platform, that consists of hardware, software and services that addresses unmet needs in both the Smart Wearables and Mobile / Remote Health markets. The Rain Platform uses cloud-connected sensor management based on cognitive recognition analytics to engage and serve a wide range of users. The platform connects Rain™ Gear (proprietary devices with sensors and OEM accessories) located around the body, to Cumulus™ Rain’s Cloud Platform, which is driven by Personalyze™ – a patent-pending Intelligent Personal Engagement engine.

The Rain Platform captures data from devices (such as bands, patches, garments, etc.) around the Body Area Network (BAN), providing a variety of functions via Cloud applications known as Droplets™. Life365 will work with strategic industry partners to develop a broad library of Droplets that incorporate additional functionality into the RainBand™ and Rain™ Sensor hardware.Cumulus™ will provide remote, dynamic coordination and configuration of functionality, while collected data integration is handled by Umbrella™, supplying data via API to backend systems (i.e. Electronic Health Records).

“Our goal is to provide solutions that help facilitate the shift from a ‘static’ world of technology to a richer ‘dynamic’, heuristic technology environment”, adds Kent Dicks.  “However, these solutions can be over engineered or overly complex – the technology must fit sensibly and seamlessly into each user’s lifestyle. We strive to connect people, on their terms, in their circles, at their comfort level – in an effort to address their day-to-day needs and make life a little easier.”

About Life365™ and Kent Dicks

Life365 is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with operations in San Jose, CA and Boston, MA.   For more information regarding Life365 please visit

Kent E. Dicks is a successful serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience providing dynamic and strategic leadership in new and emerging markets. Dicks is a leading pioneer with a strong track record in the evolving mHealth field. Kent advocates patientengagement using innovative “connected health” solutions throughout the world. As a subject matter expert, Dicks has authored numerous articles, given a vast number of media interviews, and demonstrated the efficacy of his vision for Congress including his testimony before the House regarding the utilization of mHealth to improve Veterans Health affairs. Mr. Dicks’ previous company, which was sold to a large healthcare enterprise, garnered many awards and accolades, culminating in an Edison Award for Best New Product in Health, Wellness & Safety.

For more information regarding Kent, please visit or

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