Life365 and Aventyn Team Up to Scale the Chronic Care Market

Intelligent Solutions for Aging in Place, Senior and Chronic Care.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 8, 2016 – Life365 is proud to announce a strategic relationship with award winning digital health company, Aventyn®, to bring a broader “Connected Health” solution to market. Both companies believe an extended – and flexible platform of tools and processes can be used to intelligently engage a greater population of users in the aging in place, senior and chronic care markets. The Life365 and Aventyn teams believe that “one solution does not fit all” – that multiple tools and processes must to be offered in order to effectively reach the maximum number of patients within a population. By teaming together, Life365 and Aventyn can address a wide-ranging population of patients more effectively from both a cost and engagement standpoint. While, Life365 provides a new “Lite” Connected Care and Engagement platform (LCCE), Aventyn offers a more comprehensive clinical evidenced Chronic Care Management solution (CCM). Both companies understand the need to acquire the largest amount of actionable health data from the greatest patient population at the lowest cost possible – in order to enable services, increase adherence, reduce hospitalization, and improve health outcomes.

Lite Connected Care and Engagement (LCCE)

Kent Dicks, CEO / Founder of Life365, says, “Over many years of providing cost effective Remote Health Monitoring solutions, we have inarguably seen that you cannot use the same broad brush of technology and services for all patients. Traditional players in Telehealth, tended to concentrate more on technology and less on the business model and aligning the right technology with the right people to make the whole solution work. Static technology, heavier devices and reliance on expensive nurse resource time made the model too costly and cumbersome to practically deploy across a broad population of patients. As the landscape shifted to Mobile Health solutions, over the past 8+ years, a high degree of efficacy had been demonstrated but scalability was still lacking. A number of stakeholder factors are aligning that will demand change and dramatically increase demand for Remote Monitoring in a very short time frame.”

Advances in sensor technology and miniaturization makes the ubiquity of lighter wearable tech inevitable. A number of reimbursement policies and requirements are coming into play that require scalable solutions to acquire increasing amounts of meaningful health data demand beginning in 2018 and 2019, including Accountable Care Organizations’ shift from “Fixed Pay” to “Pay for Performance” financial models, new Reimbursement policies for remote monitoring from CMS (CPT Code 99490) and data requirements for Meaningful Use 3 – which stipulates that 15% of health data supplied to Electronic Medical records must be “Patient Generated”.

Dicks continues, “The RAIN platform addresses the needs of entities that are financially responsible for a patient population – like Payers, Providers, 3rd Party Solution / Service Providers, Large Self Insured Employers, ACOs and Home Healthcare. Our objective is to give these organizations a host of tools to engage the 20% of patients that consume 80% of healthcare dollars. This group needs to be engaged on their terms, with solutions that fit easily into their life. “Lite” services and “nudges” will work very well for a portion of these people. A simple IVR call or text message to a family caregiver might help one user keep adherent to their prescribed therapy. One patient may need to track biometrics that can be collected through wearable technology like skin temperature, hydration, or heart rate, while another patient needs weight and blood pressure using off the shelf devices. That is what RAIN does, aligning hardware, software, services to intelligently engage the users as “lightly” as possible. We have a perfect complimentary partner in Aventyn when clinical evidenced touch is needed.”

Comprehensive Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Aventyn’s standards-based solutions enable electronic health information sharing and connect medical devices and assets to significantly improve healthcare resource management. The company uses connected modular solutions to enable secure, seamless sharing of interoperable clinical information incorporating a patient-centered model to help improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital visits and reduce costs. Their objective of achieving flexibility and interoperability is a perfect fit with Life365.

Navin Govind, Founder and CEO of Aventyn®, says, “At Aventyn, we have consistently built a number of strong relationships with global health systems who need to have a comprehensive Clinical solution in order to help increase the quality of care for their more costly users of healthcare and keep chronic patients out of the hospital – which in turn, reduces costs and improves patient outcomes. Our customers are Healthcare Providers, Payors, Medical Device Manufacturers, Wireless Service Providers and Pharma-LifeScience Companies – who all have similar objectives but obviously unique needs and processes. They are all asking for a comprehensive solution that provides a range of tools, hardware, software and services from very light solutions and engagement analytics like those offered by Life365 – to Aventyn’s more robust, traditionally defined CCM Remote Monitoring, integrated disease management and predictive analytics. We believe the alignment between our two companies addresses these immediate needs and our our combination of resources allows us to connect patients and providers, devices and data, information and analytics systems in innovative ways that addresses an unmet need to take a bigger step forward with the next generation of Digital Health.”

Path Forward

Working together, Life365 and Aventyn will be able to offer their customers a wide range of tools that can engage a much larger volume of patients more efficiently – and also make their business models work.

Life365 and Aventyn have deep commitments to Arizona. Both companies are dedicated to helping raise Arizona’s reputation as a growing Biomedical Hub, while bringing effective Connected Healthcare solutions to the state’s residents with the greatest need, including highly rural populations. Aventyn’s client list includes a highly visible group of Arizona Providers with national reach that can benefit from the more robust “toolbox” that this new relationship will deliver. Life365 recently became a BioAccel and BioInspire Partner, an incubator dedicated to supporting Arizona startups in the Bio & Medical device space – a perfect fit for Life365’s next generation “Lite” Connected Care Management & Intelligent Sensor Platform.

About Life365

Life365’s RAIN Platform uses “lite” weight technology and “lite” touch engagement to acquire the largest amount of actionable health data from the greatest patient population at the lowest cost possible – in order to enable services, increase adherence, reduce hospitalization, and improve health outcomes.

The RAIN platform integrates health data collected by Wearable Sensors and “Hubs” to Electronic Medical Records and analytics systems. The scalable platform is made up of Hardware (connected wearable sensors & health monitoring devices) Software (data integration, device configuration and analytics), and Services (care management, user engagement & incentives). We engage clients on a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) basis to economically collect data from patients and feed it to their backend analytics systems. Life365 is headquartered in Peoria, Arizona, with operations in San Jose, CA and Boston, MA. For more information regarding Life365, and RAIN please visit

About Aventyn

Aventyn is an award winning digital health company delivering innovative, standards based secure core to cloud connected clinical information solutions and services to lower health care delivery costs, improve quality and increase patient safety Aventyn provides evidence-based solutions in personalized patient monitoring, medical imaging, analytics and genome reporting for health providers, insurers, pharma-life sciences, pharmacogenetics and population health management. Our CLIP®Care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions with CareLock™ health information security and integrated wireless bio-sensor capability enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Vitalbeat–Integrated Chronic Disease Management™ patient personalized solutions are tailored for home and remote monitoring. We offer bundled and per patient, per month subscription solutions with strategic provider and payer partners. Aventyn AB, Aventyn UK Ltd. and Aventyn India Ltd Pvt are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventyn Inc., USA. Aventyn is an Intel Premier Elite Software Partner. For more information regarding Aventyn, please visit

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