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Supported Devices / Solutions

The Life365 System connects to over
300 Bluetooth Medical Devices – and more.

Supported Devices / Solutions

Life365 connects to over 300 Bluetooth OEM Medical Devices ranging from Spirometers, Thermometers, Weight Scales, Pill Reminders, Activity Trackers, Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure Monitors, EKG / ECG, Fetal Dopplers, Heart Rate Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Sleep Trackers and many more. 

The Life365 App also allows manual recording of readings taken from devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

We are constantly adding on new FDA cleared devices to our platform regularly and partner with companies to add their new products as well.

Following is a sample of commonly used devices and kits.

MIR Spirobank (BT)

Brand: MIR

Model: 911105

Product Description:

MIR Spirobank® Smart is ideal for monitoring respiratory illness and in the self-management of Asthma, COPD, Lung Transplant Care, Cystic Fibrosis, and for use in Clinical Trials.

Spirometry Test:

  • PEF
  • FVC
  • FEV1
  • FEV1/FVC Ratio
  • FEV6
  • FEF 25/75

Technical Specs: 

  • Flow Range: + 16L/s
  • Volume Accuracy: +3 or 50 mL
  • Flow Accuracy: +5% or 200 mL/s


  • Electrical Safety Standard / EN 60601-1
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility / EN 60601-1-2
  • ISO 26782 Std (for spirometry parameters)
  • ISO 23747 Std (only for the Peak Flow parameter)
  • ATS/ERS 2005 Standards

Certifications and Registrations: 

  • CE 0476: MED 9826 by Kiwa-Cermet
  • FDA 510K: K072979

General Specs: 

  • Bluetooth Low Energy: Real time communication with tablets, smartphones, and third-party platforms
  • Small and Lightweight: 
  • Dimensions: 1.93 x 4.3 x 0.83
  • Weight w/ Batteries:34 lbs.
  • No Display: Incentives and results appear in real time on the app
  • No Memory: Tests are automatically stored in the app
  • No Configurations, No Keyboard: Automatically connected to the app, just breath into the mouthpiece

MIR Turbine Flowmeter for Personal Use


Product Description:

 MIR internationally recognized Turbine Sensor Flowmeter for reusable single patient use, with an orange body and a white plastic mouthpiece.


 ISO 26782 Std (for Spirometry parameters)

  • ISO 23747 Std (for Peak Flow parameters only)
  • ATS/ERS 2005 Standards


Easy to Clean:

 The turbine flowmeter can be cleaned in warm soapy water for 2-3 minutes

Individually Tested:

 Each turbine is factory tested before being packed


Turbines are individually Factory Calibrated and are Ready to Use